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Uncle can provide you with full production services to help you with branded content, video series, or direction support for an event?  From start-to-finish, we work with corporations, entrepreneurs and start-ups, to best tell your story and reach your audience.

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Vince Molinaro


The Leadership Contract

If you're looking for a great content creator to promote your brand, look no further.  The video series he created to support my book launch and training programs continue to be invaluable.

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Emma Heagle

Senior Manager, Events

Canadian Marketing Association

Fantastic team to work with and will always go the extra mile for your project, all while being cool, calm and collected.  Highly recommend!


Gerry Lattmann

Executive Director


Extremely reliable professional that delivers tremendous value through his approach to client relations and his deep technical expertise.


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About Me


Muzafar Malik


You can always depend on your uncle to lend an ear and give you sound advice.  They’re there for you and have your back when you don’t even know it.  Family or not, an uncle is the person you go to for anything.

Now, I’m not your uncle, but please treat me like one.  Reach out for an uncle like conversation.



Need help with your next project? Have questions about shooting during COVID? Please reach out, I'm happy to start a conversation.  

For all inquiries, please contact:

Muzafar MalikExecutive Producer